Thursday, October 21, 2010

Too - Easy Foam Sheet Shampoo Visor

Bath time just got a lot more pleasant for this mama!  Taking a cue from a Filth Wizardry post on using foam sheets for bath play, I created a little foam sheet visor for shampoo time.  Really too, too easy and yet so very useful!
I simply took my rectangular foam sheet, cut a hole through the middle of the sheet and then cut some curved edges around the sides of the sheet for a wee, little bit of style.  That's about as snazzy as it gets around here.
Make sure to cut the hole on the small side as the foam sheet has a good amount of stretch.  When these wear out (at 20 crowns a pop per sheet), I'll have the kiddos make and decorate some more for themselves for a good "kids in the kitchen while mama's cooking project"!


  1. Too cool! You are so creative, my friend!

  2. You know I was really thinking of you when I wrote this!!