Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cute and Clever Springtime Blossoms

Spring has sprung, the sunshine is here, and sickness has finally been banished!  And so, gearing up for the summer with the kiddies, I thought it right and proper to get ourselves moving and start creating more art. Finally!
Here's a simple but lovely project I got from this little Czech art book.  I've learned a thing or two about the way Czechs educate here and have developed a little saying to remind myself of it. It goes a little something like this: It's not just what you teach; it's how you teach it.  I don't mean that in the be "nice" or "funny" or "patient" kind of way (all important and beneficial).  I mean be clever - the process of getting to that final product should be smart too.
This project is easy-peasy and yet inspirational for all - my 3 year old loved it and my 5 year old was into it too.  They were surprised to see how a simple drip of watercolor paint could instantly turn a colored circle into a lovely flower.  
We had a whole field by the time we were done - these survived long enough to shoot.  My baby added the sunshine with a bit o' yellow and aqua pastel was used to create the center of each flower (as you can see way at the top)!  My son woke up the following morning asking if we could "please do an art project again today!" Just the inspiration a mother needs during spring time in Prague!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Presentation Matters!

My son loves big, plastic, ugly trucks.  With no encouragement from me (the truck was a hand-me-down), he has embraced all things wheeled with a passion only rivaled by his love of animals.  When I think of presenting my little one with a new project or activity, I usually think about it from my aesthetic - natural and neutral.  This, of course, usually leads me to the beauty of the simple woven basket (unparalleled in home decor, I do declare).
My babe, however, has not yet embraced my love of the basket. After presenting him with some new colored pencils in the basket above, he drew about 4 lines and was ready for some action.  Down he wiggled off our stools and back he came with that monstrosity of a plastic truck you see.  I think he needed a little bit of him up there at the table.  And I think I needed to embrace some of his interests as I introduced him to mine as well.  And so, said colored pencils were dumped into that there truck and those pencils instantly did double-duty - at once drawing utensils and a trucker's haul!  My babe was pleased as punch! Here's to embracing gaudy plastic toys in new ways with my little one's idea of beauty in mind!