Sunday, October 10, 2010

Over the weekend - packing up and getting OUT!

For all those who have small kids, there's no place like OUTSIDE!  That wonderful space where messes can be made, snacks can be eaten while tramping about, and little discoveries can occur on a daily basis.  Because our flat has no outside space to stomp and romp around in, I've taken to declaring the street in front of our building to be our "front yard". There we create special bike paths, do creative projects and more - pics of this to come!
But some weekends, we really get OUT... all the way to Babicka's cabin in the forest.
And, there's been no place quite like Grandma's cabin in the forest...
With blue skies and autumn around us, it was a good time to pack up and get out...
A friend of mine made my kiddos the best pick up and go bags ever as one of her first sewing projects.  These bags (inspired by Soulemama), have been great for packing up each child's clothes and small treasures for a quick weekend away! They're useful and remind me of how very much my kids are loved by one of our most esteemed family friends. 

Good memories made out and about as we prepare for wintry whimsies indoors.

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