Monday, October 4, 2010


Thanks Connie for inspiring me to blog!  Hopefully this doesn't turn into a "Dear Diary" :)  Looking forward to keeping connected (without the help of FB;)

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  1. glad u've join the blogging world! I've debated on keeping or closing facebook as well! I am not on it that much...I've gotten so behind blogging...but LOVE IT! Trying to catch up now! I found u on here through Connie's page:) I miss u mucho girl! Sorry for the delay in emailing u, seemed like a whirlwind since I read it, trips to the doc office, the ER with Khloe (stomach bug, nasty! IV fluids in my little baby!) over that hump praise God! Now Gabs is fighting something!Praying it isn't the same thing:( I called u the other day, hoping to connect soon so we can TALK:) I love u and miss u sweet friend... peace and joy and much love from this southern friend of urs:) hugs