Tuesday, October 5, 2010

MP3 Love. Recording Kid's Books

I got my MP3 late - like last year! I'm loving how much I can use this for the kiddos now that they are old enough to follow a story - without (so much) the need for pictures!

Here's how I do it.  While I'm reading a story to one of them, I set out the MP3 on "voice", choose "record now" and start a-readin'!  That's it! Later on when we are in long lines or long car rides, perhaps a restaurant, I whip out my little technological wonder (with headphones/earbuds attached) and voila - happy, quiet, EDUCATED, ENTERTAINED children!  Did I mention that relaxed momma part?!  Oh yes, I love that part very much indeed! We also have some MP3 listening time at home during quiet time for the non-nappers! My oldest son (5) can handle a reading without pictures, whereas my daughter (3) still uses them to keep her focused on the story.  For her, I make sure that the recorded stories she listens to are ones we have read many times together so she is very familiar with the pictures that are read along with the text.

One more tip I look forward to applying to our own family!  We're bilingual - Dad is Czech.  I'm planning on having him record some books in Czech (with page turn signals for following the book in hand) - so the kiddos also get more reading from the parent who spends more time outside the home. 

I'm looking forward to how far I can go with this as the kids get older!  

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  1. Brilliant!!! I should have Philip do this in Spanish and get it on the iPod! You're such a good momma!