Monday, October 4, 2010

Celebrating the joy of painting and turning 1 !!!

The Bear loves to explore!  He likes things big and he doesn't mind a mess (like boy #1 did).  For Bear's birthday, I set up a large canvas of sorts and let him have at it. I kept dipping the paintbrush in the paint for him (located on a high table).  I at least had to make a decent attempt at keeping things halfway clean round the kitchen!
The paper is called archa (pronounced arka) - that's the way the lady at the Papirnictvi store pronounced it anyway! It's available at the bigger papirnictvi stores (paper stores).  But, you're gonna have to ask, possibly using your arms to describe exactly what you mean by BIG.  They usually keep the stuff - in the back!  Isn't that where all good stuff is?!  Otherwise I'm thinking a great big role of contractor's paper would be just as good.  I have two nails in the walls to push the top corners of the paper through.  And I stick an extra piece of masking tape over each nailed section of paper to reinforce it so the kiddies don't pull it down during their artful adventures.
It's cheap and has a variety of uses for many kids (plus one Bear) to have a good time!  And don't we love groups of cooperating kiddies!

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