Thursday, October 7, 2010

Crepe Paper Window Decorations

Today I handed my daughter a transparent, liquid glue stick and asked her to spread the glue all over the windows. The twinkle in her eye said, "Now those are the kind of directions I like to hear!"  For ALL of my dinner prep, my little one spent her time decorating our window with crepe paper cutout shapes (tissue paper would work just as well).  Ahh, the peace - and BEAUTY of it all!!!  I think there's still life to this craft yet too!  Next time around I might try using just smaller squares in more colors and encourage my older son to create a mosaic!  Thanks to FilthWizardry for the creative idea of turning our windows into works of art!


  1. Where do you get a transparent liquid glue stick? I want to do this too, but wonder if it's hard to get off??

  2. Micheals has something called a "UHU liquid glue pen" that is washable. Or you could pour some Elmer's washable clear school glue into a little bowl, add a bit of water, and using this mixture have her paint the window with a big paint brush. The crepe paper seems to come off pretty easily - whew!

  3. Hi, i just saw your blog while searching for crepe papers. Are you in Prague? Where can i buy crepe papers?
    Thanks :-)