Thursday, October 28, 2010

Q-Tip Pointillism

After reading a quick post on Q-tip pointillism on The Artful Parent, I decided to give it a try with the kids. It seemed very low on the mess and high on creativity.  And it's always nice to paint with something other than paintbrushes and fingers!  Besides, my babes have a strange fascination with Q-tips.  It was nice to just let them at 'em!
I cut down card stock into three smaller rectangles, so the little artists wouldn't get overwhelmed by all that white space meant to be covered with just a bit of Q-tip!  Smaller canvases are just the ticket when we're in a "letter-size" paper rut!
My oldest jumped right into it.  He has more patience than me and didn't stop until he had 3 paintings done - and I had dinner done!
Easy-peasy and the kids loved it.  I'd like to go BIG on this next time around with large circle-shaped sponges on door-sized sheets of contractor's paper!


  1. Great idea! Looks like they really enjoyed it!

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