Thursday, October 7, 2010

Homemade Lego Table and the Best Kid's Desk Ever

Recently I found the most useful and doable Ikea hacks for a lady with no tools! The Lack Lego Table inspired me to create my own Duplo Lego table of sorts on the adult Ikea desk we use as a kid's play table. With some adhesive putty (cheap and available at Tesco stores) I stuck some Duplo boards to one half of the kid's table.  I love it - all the fun, without any of the commitment of another purchase, or permanently altering the table in any way.  The kids are enjoying the more stable foundation for building their Lego creations too!
Speaking of the kid's table - it's probably my favorite piece of furniture in the kid's room.  My genius mil gave us her combination Galant Ikea desk a year ago and suggested we use them for both adults and kids.  How can such a big desk be used for kids?!  Again, my mil pointed out that the legs of the table are adjustable.  We got them down to the lowest height possible, picked up some stools and voila a LARGE, SPACIOUS (read: no fighting about being elbowed by sibling) workspace!
We use two of the original three piece combination in our work space and we placed the other one in the kiddos' room. Plus, we can have plenty of friends over for Art Group - a group I was inspired to start after following the artful adventures of Jean over at the ArtfulParent.  Six kids easily fit around the desk and when we have had more, we have simply brought in one of the two desks from the adult work space, lowered the legs and added it on!  Another great benefit - the desk will work for the kiddos for their entire childhood and on through college!  Worth it - don't you think?!

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  1. I can't wait to see pictures of your art group! You're such a cool mom!