Friday, November 5, 2010

Contact Paper Collage for Toddlers

Ah, the wondrous projects a mom can do with just clear contact paper and not much more!  It's like a huge piece of tape, and kids love it.  And, therefore, I love it! This project was for the 1-year old - the one who is always watching the other kids do projects!  It's big, sticky and has a lovely touch of exploration to it - perfect for curious little ones!  I found the inspiration from a fellow mom's blog that I cannot for the life of me find the name of now.  Props to that mom out there for such a thoughtful idea for her toddler!
I found clear contact paper at the local papirnictvi store/paper store and taped it to the refrigerator with packing tape (I'll work on getting the Czech translation for "contact paper" - really doubting my Czech hubby knows the name of this stuff ;).  I stuck a few pieces of masking tape above the contact sheet for added fun.
My older kids really got into preparing odds and ends for their little brother to explore and add to the contact paper.  It was really heartwarming (yep, that cheesy word is the one I'm lookin' for) to have us all come together to bless the youngest of the bunch with something all his own!
The finished box looked a bit Halloween-y in the end!  It included what I could round up in about five minutes (plus cutting): furry balls, feathers, cardboard, ribbon, foam sheet pieces and cut paper in different shapes and colors. I would have loved to have added more sensory items in there, but by this time my kids were running on fumes - and I had to get movin' to get something on the table for dinner!  Our little Bear seemed quite pleased with the selection.  He knew this was his to explore without the "no-no-no's" he usually gets about interesting little things about the house!
His big brother got into it too!  It ended up being quite an artful adventure for the kids.  In the end, I ordered pizza.  I'm thinking this might be a tradition - an art night with pizza and creative fun for everyone, including the babe!

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