Monday, November 8, 2010

Blown-Ink Munshters!

With the weather turning rainy outdoors, we brought our art group inside for some more Blown Ink creations!  This time we used a variety of colors and some black permanent markers to create Blown Ink Monsters - or creatures, depending on your parenting style.  We had a range of kids from 3 - 6.5 which meant a wide range of interpretations for what a monster looks like!!!!
We used the same method I wrote about in a previous post on Blown-Ink Fall Trees.  This time we used a variety of colors of drawing ink or tus, blew the ink out in all directions, and used the blown ink as inspiration for creating our monsters!!!

As usual, with preschoolers, one must always make room for deviation!!! I just don't fight it anymore!!!  My 5 year-old (scientist) was memorized with how the colors blend together to form new colors! Yep, that's art too!
 One mum did a fine job creating a (hacking, but still) cute reindeer!
My daughter was quite excited to point out all the family "munshters" (monsters) to Dad.  We're all in there somewhere!  
A great process for the younger ones and a lot of potential for the older little Picassos too!

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