Monday, February 21, 2011

Presentation Matters!

My son loves big, plastic, ugly trucks.  With no encouragement from me (the truck was a hand-me-down), he has embraced all things wheeled with a passion only rivaled by his love of animals.  When I think of presenting my little one with a new project or activity, I usually think about it from my aesthetic - natural and neutral.  This, of course, usually leads me to the beauty of the simple woven basket (unparalleled in home decor, I do declare).
My babe, however, has not yet embraced my love of the basket. After presenting him with some new colored pencils in the basket above, he drew about 4 lines and was ready for some action.  Down he wiggled off our stools and back he came with that monstrosity of a plastic truck you see.  I think he needed a little bit of him up there at the table.  And I think I needed to embrace some of his interests as I introduced him to mine as well.  And so, said colored pencils were dumped into that there truck and those pencils instantly did double-duty - at once drawing utensils and a trucker's haul!  My babe was pleased as punch! Here's to embracing gaudy plastic toys in new ways with my little one's idea of beauty in mind!

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